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Reflection on Everest

In my mind, reaching EBC was nothing short of a miracle. It’s like waking up to a dream that you’ve played a major role in and you can’t quite believe it!

When I initially thought about trekking to EBC I didn’t fully understand the degree of difficulty I would face or how cold I would be or even how high I would climb! However, I was absolutely determined to do whatever was needed to succeed and my attitude did not falter even as altitude increased.

Being prepared mentally and physically and by keeping steadfastly to my routine helped me especially at night in the sub zero temperatures. I remained very focused on how I was feeling and to any physical changes that were happening so that I could be preventative rather than reactive.

The altitude took my very breath away literally but so did the ever changing mesmerising scenery. I will never forget the magnitude, splendour and feeling of isolation at being in the Khumbu Glacier surrounded by the magnificent Himalayas at Base Camp.

All in all, I’ve trekked across treacherous terrain, crossed numerous suspension bridges and walked on frozen rivers. It’s been a very dramatic and thrilling journey and I’m ecstatic that I achieved what I set out to do and proved to myself that I’m still going strong!

My next challenge, who knows but I haven’t sailed an ocean…yet.


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