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Johannesburg -Soweto

There was no easy email communication here just time spent making  telephone calls until I made a friend and over the past few months our friendship has developed, trusting each other to meet and for her to get me to the church on time! The Mass, lasting more than two hours at The Regina Mundi Catholic Church was uplifting and spiritual. It was spoken in Zulu, Sotho and the sermon by Father Reginald was uplifting in English. I was welcomed with open arms and when I played ‘Amazing Grace’, there was an astounding applause and a demand for more. After spending time at the church, I visited some of the townships and I knew that I had looked inside Soweto through the eyes of local people -I had felt protected in an unpredictable, difficult environment but one that they accept and live with every day. Please donate if you appreciate the challenge of my 6th Continent!