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Everest within my grasp

On arrival in Kathmandu I was informed that I would be accompanied only by a guide named Gopi as the others in the group had rescheduled. This was good news for me but an initial shock and I did ask the question “what action do I take if something happens to Gopi?”

Due to weather conditions and all flights being cancelled for two days, our journey begins by taking a dramatic hour long helicopter ride from Kathmandu to Lukla. It was absolutely breathtaking and a relief to land safely.

We began trekking almost immediately and have been continuously trekking since. It’s beautiful and exhilarating but extremely tough. We are now at Namche Bazaar 3,440m and have hiked to 3,840m and back to aid acclimatisation. It took a massive effort from me, stopping every few feet at one stage to get my breath, no wonder as my oxygen saturation level was only 77%.

It was worth it to see my first view of Everest which was quite emotional and my only thought was that I have to make it to Everest Base Camp.

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