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Bagpipe the World on Bondi Beach Rescue

After playing in Sydney Harbour I took a bus to Bondi Beach and in full midday heat tracked across the beach to the lifeguards. Almost immediately I was being filmed by the Bondi Beach Rescue team! After initially talking to them I was asked to go to the Lifeguard Tower to play and continue filming. With folks soaking up the atmosphere and relaxing I don’t think that they could really believe their eyes and what they were seeing as I hiked across the sand! I met the boss and a few of the lifeguards including Harry who had a go on the pipes. It was a unique, special, fun filled time but unfortunately the YouTube video has now expired. My sincere thanks to them for being so receptive to me and the bagpipes!

My campaign to fundraise for The Royal Navy and Royal Marines Charity and Julia’s House is still going strong.

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