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A Mountain To Climb…

A Mountain To Climb

I spent an interesting day in London on Friday visiting the Japanese and South African Embassies to explain The 7 Continent Piping Challenge – trying to seek support with the venues that I wish to play in.
I’m pleased to say that in the Japanese Embassy, my pipes passed the security check but I nearly didn’t as I forgot my passport! Both embassies were keen to help and gave me further contact details.
South Africa House is opposite Trafalgar Square and there were quite a lot of people taking in the sunshine and waiting for an opera to start. I walked around, in that moment of shall I or shan’t I? I went over to a table, took out my pipes and began to play. Within two minutes a few people had ventured closer, there was already a couple of quid in the box, and just as I was beginning to enjoy myself, a guy in uniform came running over waving his arms for me to stop. He was very pleasant, told me that he had been in the Navy in his own country but unfortunately I was breaking a by-law.
For me, it was a successful day; the bagpipes had passed the security test and I had played in Trafalgar Square.
We have no more venue confirmations at the time of going to press – has anyone got connections in Moscow?!.

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