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Around The World with McCallum Bagpipes!

This set of black Acetyl bagpipes were given to me by McCallums specifically for this challenge as I was travelling across 7 continents and going to be in all weather extremes. When they arrived by post I was delighted because not only did they look good but they were customised for Bagpipetheworld. They were easy to set up and completely balanced. On playing they have a distinctive sound which I liked immediately and they were a perfect weight as I prefer a set that is not too light. They are right there and that’s the only way to play them, definitely not for the shy or faint hearted piper! One has to ensure that after playing they are taken apart and allowed to dry as the material that they are made from does not absorb moisture. In terms of travelling they are practical because they are tough and almost all worries of breakages are eliminated. I took precautions though and had them with me at all times. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Kenny McCallum again for his generosity and support and to say that I don’t know what I would have done without them. I am completely happy to recommend them and if anyone has questions please contact me..

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Hi there Irene. Met at RN Vol Band Competion, Portsmouth Guildhall on Saturday 4 June. Chatted to you about giving a talk to Association of Wrens, Portsmouth Branch. You told me about the Wrens Tartan refusal, which I am taking up my end. Trying to contact you personally. Help !! Wonderful day it was and you were the icing on the cake……

    Irene Post author

    Hi Angie! Thanks for your lovely message and getting in touch. My number is 07896625766 (I think it was on the card) Let me know if you need a landline number.

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